Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hey everyone, sorry to have my first 'real' post be such a downer, but I feel it should be said.

I've been watching the news (as has everyone) about Japan and I'm just speechless. Such a rich, powerful nation brought to it's knees in the blink of an eye.

As you probably know, us Western Canadians were hit by the tsunami slightly, nothing major. Around here, all boats were ordered out of the water for twelve hours due to concerns that the water wasn't safe. It was a slight perk that me and my fellow Bowen girls got the day off school because we couldn't get off the island, but a great number of people missed work too, so there were ups and downs.

I literally cried at the TV reports though, i know nobody (that i'm aware of) was so much as hurt in Canada, but my heart goes out to Japan, and to Korea where 23 people died, plus the families of those lost in America, Indonesia and other effected areas <3


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