Sunday, 27 March 2011

My Earth Day

Okay; you guys know my Earth Day post a couple days ago? Well, here's how my Earth Day actually went:

I woke up WITHOUT my alarm clock which I had turned off, as well as removing my digital watch so I had no idea what time it was but the sun was shining and I felt rested so I figured it was time to get up. I got out of bed and took myself into the shower but because it was Earth Day I didn't turn on the power-shower part but I got clean still that's the main thing, hehe.

After I dried off and such I can downstairs and checked the analogue clock in the living room, it was around elven which is late for me to get up, but oh well. I was really in the mood for a bagel for breakfast (How Jewish am I?), but the toaster was off-limits so I fried myself an egg instead since our stove runs on gas, not electricity. My dad was at the kitchen table with his newspaper and he couldn't help but make a joke about the starter on the stove being electric. Hey, I'm allowed to break the rules once right?

After breakfast and looking at my little sister's latest drawing, which was adorable I should add, I felt like hanging out with friends; sadly phones are electric so that made things a little complicated. Fortunately my cousin/best friend Sarah (She's given me permission to use her name) lives right next door, so I just went over and knocked on the door. Her brother answered and told me she was up in her room so I headed up there and we hung out, doing what we usually do, which often translates as 'nothing', but it was good fun. After a little while, we took a walk across the village (Due to the tiny size of Snug Cove, this took all of five minutes) to my girlfriend's house and continued our nothing until lunch. I joked that because it was Earth Day I wouldn't eat anything cooked with electricity, however Mary was in the mood for a salad anyway so that worked out, especially because Mary's an AMAZING cook, which likely has a lot to do with the fact that she's half Italian (Yes it's stereotyping but come on, you Italians out there know you're great cooks). Sarah's really not a salad type so she took off at that point, but joined up with us again later.

It was after four before I had a serious computer craving but I resisted it by taking a book into the woods and reading under a tree, enjoying the nice air for a bit. What better way to spend Earth Day eh? (Haha, the Canadian said eh)

Once the sun was going down and it was getting cooler, I resigned myself to going back inside. I was met by my mom who told me I should have brought my phone with me because she had no idea where I was. My feeling is that I'm sixteen and for the most part trustworthy, but I apologized and such; she's my mom after all. It also turned out that my parents weren't observing the 'lights off' part of Earth Day, and what was more, my older sister was going around turning all the lights on just to annoy me. I ignored her and retreated to my room until dinner was ready, which sadly I had to eat by electric light but I swallowed my annoyance, seeing as the food had also clearly been cooked with electricity. After all, this is 2011, I can hardly expect people to revert to the stone age just because I find it fun.

As the day drew to a close I found it harder and harder to keep myself switched off, so as per usual on a Saturday night, I met up with Mary and we didn't need any lights. Nuff said?

Well, that was my Earth Day. I'd love yo hear how you spent yours.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Earth Day

Hey everyone.

It's Earth Day tomorrow and you now what that means? Turn EVERYTHING off. Come on, let's do it, let's have a total twenty four hour black out. I know I'm going to do it; no lights, no television, no phone, no nothing. I know I probably sound like some hippy person going on about all this eco itkus but I meant it, I really like Earth Day so I thought I'd try to get others to join in.

Hope you do.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Picture

Okay; not much substance today, but I thought I'd do something happy. It's just a picture I found the other day that me and my girlfriend say looks kinda like us. I'm the one on the right for the record.

Hopefully I'll post about real stuff next time; until then, enjoy the picture.


Monday, 21 March 2011

No Fly Zone

Okay; I'm aware this is fast becoming a rant blog, but it's not intentional; I promise.

I hate Gaddafi as much as the next guy, he's an evil, evil man but this no fly zone is a joke. Look at Bahrain, Syria, The Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and other places; the same stuff is happening but nobody's stepping in. People are dying in Libya so Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy can not lose face and get a little oil while Harper and others are just trying to look big, it makes me so mad.

I kind of have a personal attachment to this as one of the support personnel who got deployed happened to be my brother, so I'm sorry if I'm a little biased, but it really upset me is all.

I WILL post a more cheery post soon, I promise.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hey everyone, sorry to have my first 'real' post be such a downer, but I feel it should be said.

I've been watching the news (as has everyone) about Japan and I'm just speechless. Such a rich, powerful nation brought to it's knees in the blink of an eye.

As you probably know, us Western Canadians were hit by the tsunami slightly, nothing major. Around here, all boats were ordered out of the water for twelve hours due to concerns that the water wasn't safe. It was a slight perk that me and my fellow Bowen girls got the day off school because we couldn't get off the island, but a great number of people missed work too, so there were ups and downs.

I literally cried at the TV reports though, i know nobody (that i'm aware of) was so much as hurt in Canada, but my heart goes out to Japan, and to Korea where 23 people died, plus the families of those lost in America, Indonesia and other effected areas <3



Hello world. My name is Holly, I'm kinda cyber-paranoid so I'm not going to reveal my full name.

I live on Bowen Island, hence the blog title. For those who don't know where that is, it's in British Columbia (Canada), just West of Vancouver.

So; a little about myself:

I'm sixteen years old, still in school of course. I'm interested in law which I suppose is to be expected seeing as I'm Jewish, Sephardic if anyone cares. I'm not religious however, just culturally Jewish, I get it from my Mom, my Dad's a goy, hehe.
I speak English and French as do most Canadians, I also speak Portuguese because my Mom's family comes from there.
I generally like to think of myself as a free-flowing person, I like to read, listen to music and just generally chill out. Sitting out in the woods on a summers day with a good book is one of my number one pleasures in life.
For those who care, I'm currently in a relationship with my long-term girlfriend. We've been together for two years and she's totally and utterly awesome, hehe, sorry, I'm rambling, but I really love her. She's kindly given me permission to use her name in this blog; she's called Mary.

I think I'll save other stuff about me for later, haha.

I likely won't post TOO much, but it'll be my little outlet when I need it, so enjoy!