Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Congratulations to Obama... I guess

So good news from America - Barack Obama has won a second term.

I'll be my best honest, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about Obama; in fact, I don't really like the man but I can honestly say that America dodged a bullet with Romney.

Bigger, better news is that Mary Gonzales, an openly pansexual woman has become a representative from Texas of all places, and that Tammy Baldwin, an open lesbian, has become a senator - both national firsts. So yes, congratulations to America on that!

More good news is that Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Aiken is gone. I'm not too very sure word can describe just how happy I am about that.

Not too happy news is that none of the third parties reached real legitimacy, meaning they're stuck with the two-party system for the time being, and war with Iran is still looming.

Oh well, I'm Canadian, I have the privilege of not having to associate with the decisions they make, haha.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Just a quick post to say my thoughts are with those affected by this storm, and to say that you might just hear some first-hand accounts of this as Montreal is meant to get hit in late Thursday/early Friday.

Please don't worry about me however, when the storm reaches here it's likely to just be heavy winds and rain - the gales of November come early.

To my other friends in the path of this storm - Sarah, Hannah, Isaac and everyone even if I've never heard of you, my heart goes out to you and I hope everything goes fine.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Police Hanging Around...

I'm a little scared, there are 'official' looking police going around McGill, and more than you'd expect for anything minor.

Nothing's been locked down, nothing's happening to make me think there's anything too very serious happening, but something IS happening.

I'll keep you guys posted if anything big happens.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Return To Uni And An Apology

Hello everyone!

As the title implies, I am now back at uni for the semester. You may be wondering what happened in London. Well, I've been trying to write that and it's been in my drafts for a long time, it's just that with life getting in the way I haven't exactly had the time to write it, but rest assured it is in the pipeline, you will have it soon, and it will be long.

Hopefully check in soon.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

London Ho!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here before, but me, Mary, Sarah, Mimi and Lia got tickets to the London Olympics a while ago (Women's field hockey, what else?). Anywhom, we depart for London in the early hours of tomorrow morning. We're all packed and ready to go and the excitement is showing!
Mimi's the only one in our little group who's ever been outside Canada, so it's an adventure for us all. The main problem seems to be deciding what to do once we're there. We have around two weeks there, and far more than two weeks worth of things we want to do in Merrie Olde England.

Whatever we end up doing, I know none of us will ever forget it and with a little luck, we'll get to see our country win something.

I should add that I likely won't blog from London, I'll be too busy with British things, hehe. Although, I might, you never know.

Sorry if I'm going on and on, I'm just really excited. LONDON!

Either way, wish us all luck!


Monday, 16 July 2012

Confessions of a Lapsing Vegetarian

As I'm guessing you know, I'm a vegetarian type. I've been vegetarian for a while now, yet I'm no longer certain I want to continue.

I first went vegetarian for health reasons and my reasonably flat stomach proves that it worked. Yet nowadays my willpower is lapsing. Actual meat such as steak, hamburgers, hot dogs and the like don't tempt me at all, yet seafood REALLY does.
Me and my friends went to the Octopuses Garden the other day (It's a Japanese restaurant if you were wondering) and it was all I could do not to steal some prawn tempura from Lia's plate.

I don't know how everyone out there feels about this, but I feel kind of bad that my vegetarian days may be coming to an end. Even if they do, it's likely that I'll only go pescetarian, not full omnivore however.

So this is what it is really. If anyone reading this has strong thoughts one way or the other, let me know because I'm really not having an easy time deciding this on my own.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In the lee of Bowen Island

The name may be confusing to non-Lightfoot fans, but all shall become clear very soon.

As any readers of this blog will know, I've recently returned home from uni. Mary had a surprise for me that I would never have expected.
It turns out she learned to play the guitar (Not to professional level, but well enough), and when I returned, she played me a love song, which I'll be my best honest, made me cry.

The tune was Christian Island by Gordon Lightfoot, but she modified the lyrics to make it about us. She has a really beautiful singing voice.

Below are the lyrics as she sang them, if you want to know the original lyrics, Google is your friend, hehe.

I'm sailing down the summer wind
My mouth is in a grin
And I like the mood I'm in
As I while away the time of day
In the lee of Bowen Island 
Tall and strong she dips and reels
Through all kinds of ordeals
And she tells me how she feels
She's a good old boat and she'll stay afloat
Through the toughest gales and keep smilin'
But for one more day she would like to stay
In the lee of Bowen Island 

I'm sailing down the summer day
Where the fish and seagulls play
I put my troubles all away
Because once again I'm with the girl of kin
From the Algarve and the Highlands
She's a good old ship and she'll make the trip
From the lee of Bowen Island 

Tall and strong she slips along
I sing for her a song
And she leans into the wind
She's a good old boat and she'll stay afloat
Through the toughest gales and keep smilin'
When the summer ends we will rest again
In the lee of Bowen Island

I wanted to post a video of her singing it, but she insisted it was just for me to hear and I'm okay with that, but she okayed me posting the lyrics.

So that's all really, I just wanted to post this as I found it amazingly sweet.