Thursday, 19 July 2012

London Ho!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here before, but me, Mary, Sarah, Mimi and Lia got tickets to the London Olympics a while ago (Women's field hockey, what else?). Anywhom, we depart for London in the early hours of tomorrow morning. We're all packed and ready to go and the excitement is showing!
Mimi's the only one in our little group who's ever been outside Canada, so it's an adventure for us all. The main problem seems to be deciding what to do once we're there. We have around two weeks there, and far more than two weeks worth of things we want to do in Merrie Olde England.

Whatever we end up doing, I know none of us will ever forget it and with a little luck, we'll get to see our country win something.

I should add that I likely won't blog from London, I'll be too busy with British things, hehe. Although, I might, you never know.

Sorry if I'm going on and on, I'm just really excited. LONDON!

Either way, wish us all luck!


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