Saturday, 10 March 2012

Not So Gloomy Today.

Okay, so as you know, I've not been having the best time of things but today really turned that around.

This morning, I went to the washroom and when I came back, I noticed someone hiding under the covers on my bed. I assumed it was one of my university friends playing a prank, yet when I pulled back the covers, a familiar face was grinning up at me - my cousin Sarah.

What was she doing there you ask? Well, she had heard that I was having problems so thought she'd come up to see me for a day or two (For those who don't know, she currently attends university in Kingston, Ontario). As for how she'd gotten here, I asked her that, and I'm seriously not joking... she jumped a freight train Lightfoot style. I didn't believe her at first but it turned out that she'd heard about it being done but had never tried it and though it was a good idea. Having her here and hearing that story's really put a smile on my face.

Thanks Sarah, you're awesome!


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