Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My 18th.

I'm not sure how many of you people know this, but I turned 18 yesterday.

I'm aware that it's traditional to have some kind of massive party for this particular milestone, yet that's not really my style. To be my best honest it was pretty tame, although I did use my new found 'rights' to buy some wine. I figured I should do it while I can since I need to wait until I'm 19 to buy alcohol back home, yet here in Quebec, it's only 18. I got a few cards, some presents from home and of course various congratulations, but truthfully, it barely felt like my birthday. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I barely know the people here so I'm fairly touched that they went to the effort they did.
Oh! I almost forgot to mention, some of the girls here banded together and made me a cake. The state of the kitchen was... ungodly afterwards, but I always say that the more mess there is, the more fun you had doing whatever you did, hehe.

I was actually half expecting Sarah to jump out from somewhere again after having gotten here in some overly adventurous way, but no luck. Not that I'm sore about that, she has other stuff going on and I understand.

All in all, it was actually a pretty good day. That night, me and Mary talked on webcam for a bit (And other stuff I'm not telling you about).

I don't feel that different now that I'm 18, but then again, you never feel drastically different the day after a birthday. Although, now I can vote, so I'm going to read up on politics a little more, hehe.


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