Monday, 12 December 2011

West Coast Port Shut Down.

I'm sure everyone's heard about the Occupy protests, I'll be honest, I agree with them, but I don't see myself joining in any time soon.
Anyway, they're planned this event called 'The West Coast Port Shut Down' whereby every major port from Vancouver to San Diego will be blockaded and shut down by protesters.
Why am I blogging this? Because back home, my friend Mimi has convinced my friend Lia and my girlfriend to attend the protest to shut down the port in Vancouver. Mimi's always had that sort of flare to her that makes it not unlikely she'd do something like this, but I'm fairly worried. I've heard about the beatings and the pepper sprayings. Granted it's been mostly in America (We're friendlier up here) but I'm sill hoping nothing happens to them. The worst part of it is, Mimi's an American immigrant. She's here legally, but she's not a citizen yet, so I'm really hoping that doesn't cause any problems.
I can't help but wonder if I was there, would we all be going? I've never really though of myself as my group's voice of reason but perhaps I can be at times. Perhaps I'd go with them, in fact, I'm pretty sure I would, and if Sarah was back home still I just know she'd be right in the middle of it, shouting slogans at the top of her voice, giving the police a look that says "Come on, try it!".
All in all, I really hope something good comes out of all this, and that my friends are okay.

Power to the people I guess.


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