Saturday, 27 August 2011

One Week Remaining

Forgive me for rambling a bit but I'm feeling a tiny bit emotional. Que menstrual jokes.

To explain a little; most of you will know I'm off to McGill soon, but my cousin and lifelong best friend is also heading off to univercity; the RMCC to be exact, in just a week.

We're cousins of a similar age who have for our whole lives lived next door to eachother, so as you can imagine, we're quite close. We've spent time apart before, but once she leaves for Kingston, I have literally no idea when we'll see each other again.

We have next to nothing in common but she's been the best friend imagineable for all my life, sticking by me through everything... and getting into a fight with a football player to stick up for me even though I told her not to (She knows what I mean).

Instead of boring all of you with details of somone you don't know, I'll simply post a picture I saw that reminded me of her as a kind of dedication.

For you Sarah, the best friend I could have asked for.


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